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I’ve herd enough about this.


At precisely 2:04 in the afternoon on June 11, 2011, “The cow, who had yet to be named” hoofed it off the shelf at the local hobby store and into the arms of his loving new “mommy. It was love at first sight and the two have become inseparable since that day. Bob’s first adventure was to an Italian restaurant, where he got to ride in a beer-tap canoe and have his very own Bob-sized wine glass.

Bob has since gotten himself into lots of trouble, visited a plethora of states across the US, has had many, many interesting adventures, and now calls Georgia home with his sidekick whom he just asked to move in on Valentines Day, 2013. Yes, it’s been a rare treat (or at least medium rare) knowing Bob and Nell. Everyone who has contributed should patty themselves on the back. Until we meat again, check out Bob and Nell’s daily adventures. (Sorry, didn’t mean to steer you in the wrong direction).


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